November 28, 2016 ⁄ Press Releases

In today’s financial and banking environment, Security Operations Centers (SOC) are overwhelmed with the number of alerts that require their attention. These institutes are constantly situated at High Risk of being attacked due to the rewarding benefit of a successful breach. The New York State Department of Financial Services published a report regarding Cyber Security in the Banking Sector and stated that “Cyber-attacks against banks are becoming more frequent, more sophisticated, and more widespread.”


Of all known financial targets, the “crown jewels” of hackers are SWIFT and ATM systems. Those systems are considered highly vulnerable due to the fact that they are installed on outdated operating systems (such AS/400) and their interfaces with multiple and complex monetary systems.  Despite all efforts to protect them, they are still accessible to professional hackers. In the last couple of months, both ATM and SWIFT systems were breached due to vulnerabilities in the interfacing systems, causing damages of more than $100 million US. The CyBot software suite is equipped to deal with this threat.


Cronus Cyber Technologies is the first software vendor to release a virtual hacker system (CyBot Suite) that imitates the way in which hackers think and operate and works similarly to the manner in which skilled hackers penetrate sophisticated and heavily protected networks.


The CyBot studies a network, maps it, and builds a set of penetration attacks based on hackers’ methodology and preference hierarchy system. Afterwards, the CyBot launches the attacks on the network, adapting its routes and breach vectors based on Cronus’s patented Advance Persistent Threat Scale, and finds critical attack scenarios that may lead to SWIFT and ATM system components. Those attack vectors are presented to the CISO, prioritized by Cronus’s potential risk factor scale, and recommends on possible mitigation plans.