November 28, 2016

Haifa, Israel, April 20, 2016 – Cronus Cyber Technologies, a leading global provider of predictive Attack Path Scenarios (APS) solutions, recently announced the immediate availability of CyBot Enterprise.

Last year, Cronus Cyber Technologies released the CyBot Pro, which imitates human hacker operating practices and performs around-the-clock penetration testing on all IP-based components in an environment to expose vulnerabilities and complex attack path scenarios in real-time.

The CyBot Enterprise now takes the solution one step further to bridge geographical and business layout gaps inherent to global organizations to depict an overall enterprise risk map. This is done by aggregating information, in real-time, from multiple CyBot Pro instances that are scanning the enterprise network for potential attack path scenarios. The gathered information is used to identify complex global attack path scenarios involving multiple sites and subnets, which are presented on a unified dashboard with a comprehensive global risk map that depicts all enterprise environments.

With the CyBot Enterprise, organizations can zoom in and zoom out of the risk details. This offers unprecedented flexibility in terms of technical and business BI, and enables organizations to fine-tune their security policies, prioritize risks, and focus on specific areas and domains that may require more attention. In this manner, organizations can accurately plan their global security policies to correspond with their specific needs and the threats identified by the CyBot Enterprise. For example, if the CyBot Enterprise detects that most attack path scenarios originate from the ability to connect a variety of devices that do not share the same security requirements, then the organization can redefine the connectivity rules on the SIEM or NAC level accordingly.

“We all know that networks are becoming more and more complex and challenging to monitor, and that cyber attacks are constantly on the rise,” says Doron Sivan, CEO and Co-Founder of Cronus Cyber Technologies. “Cyber budgets keep increasing but hackers still find ways to penetrate networks and wreak havoc. If you add the global factor to this, the challenge seems almost impossible to overcome. For this reason, we focused our efforts on creating a solution that gives organizations the necessary business intelligence (BI) data and global risk maps they need to invest accurately and efficiently in the best cyber security strategy for their organization.”

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Cronus Cyber Technologies is a global provider of predictive Attack Path Scenario (APS) solutions. Our patented technology imitates human hacker operating practices to discover, predict, analyze, and mitigate the risk of sophisticated cyber attacks – all in real time.

By deploying Cronus technology, organizations can accurately evaluate their resiliency against cyber threats; and proactively adjust their security protection strategies to mitigate the risks. When deployed in global, multi-site enterprises, information can even be shared across sites to depict global attack path scenarios. For more information, visit