February 28, 2016 / Cronus Cyber

Haifa, Israel, February 2016 – Cronus Cyber Technologies, a leading global provider of predictive Attack Path Scenarios (APS) solutions, recently summarized its multiple achievements during 2015.

The Cronus Management team attributes the company’s accomplishments to a number of factors including a talented and growing team, its innovative technology, and extensive knowledge in the cyber security and Penetration Testing markets.

To date, Cronus has successfully carried out two rounds of investments, raising a total of $1.8M in 2015 (in addition to the $1M invested by a US VC in 2014); and is currently raising additional funds that will be used to penetrate additional markets and increase its volume of sales and marketing worldwide. In 2015, the company also expanded its headquarters, and recruited a large number of new talented employees with skill sets required to develop its innovative technology and product suite further.

In November 2015, Cronus successfully participated in Black Hat Europe, where it announced the general availability of its flagship product, the CyBot Pro – a unique, patented predictive Attack Path Scenario (APS) software solution that imitates human hacker operating practices and performs around-the clock penetration on all IP-based components in an environment to find vulnerabilities and complex attack path scenarios in real-time.

In 2016, Cronus plans to release the CyBot Enterprise, which offers a global view of the entire environment aggregated from multiple CyBot Pro instances and add-on modules for specific environments or products such as VoIP or ERP.

With the CyBot product suite, IT managers, CIOs, CSOs, and CFOs can easily access the security business intelligence (BI) data and risk maps they need to mitigate future sophisticated cyber attacks, and invest accurately and efficiently in the best cyber strategy for their organization.

“We are thrilled with our progress,” says Doron Sivan, Co-Founder & CEO of Cronus Cyber Technologies. “2015 was a really exciting year for us, and we successfully developed unique, breakthrough technology that changes the rules of the game. Our product has already been tested by large Financial and Industrial organizations and was found to be very successfully in mitigating the risk of cyber attacks. We’re looking forward to an even more significant year in 2016!”

About Cronus Cyber Technologies

Cronus Cyber Technologies is a global provider of predictive Attack Path Scenario (APS) solutions. Our patented technology imitates human hacker operating practices to discover, predict, analyze, and mitigate the risk of sophisticated cyber attacks – all in real time.

By deploying Cronus technology, organizations can accurately evaluate their resiliency against cyber threats; and proactively adjust their security protection strategies to mitigate the risks.