August 4, 2016/Zafrir Grosman

Haifa, Israel, August 04, 2016 – Cronus Cyber Technologies, a leading global provider of predictive Attack Path Scenarios (APS) solutions, recently announced the availability of new versions for CyBot Pro and Enterprise.

The latest versions of CyBot Pro and Enterprise contain multiple improvements on previous versions and allow much faster and accurate predictions of attacks. The CyBot Pro and Enterprise solutions enable organizations to predict attacks on their system, using a coherent and holistic dashboard that shows up-to-date status of the system at any given moment. The System imitates the modus operandi of a human hacker and can create a link of vulnerabilities between systems, until the attacker reaches a critical asset.

The newest additions include:
• Improved algorithms that reduce the amount of false positive in nearly 70%.
• Faster and more detailed report generation.
• New Dashboard CyBot Enterprise that allows the user to control multiple CyBot Pro systems at once.
• New options for the CyBot Enterprise solution for decision making.

“Cronus’s new break-through technology allows organizations to allocate their cyber-security resources’ investments in a concise and prioritized list of recommendations that would keep malicious hackers far enough from being able to penetrate the inner network assets,” says Dr. Guy Drori, VP Product and Marketing of Cronus Cyber Technologies. “Our solution is unique and market-disruptive, as we go a few more steps forward in analyzing organizations’ network. We do it by compiling all our findings into a clear map of potential attack path scenarios that, we assume, hackers might use if they try to penetrate the system. Afterwards, we prioritize those potential vectors according to the significance level of the targeted assets, the difficulty level of success using this path, and the length of each potential attack path discovered.”