November 9, 2016 / Cronus Cyber

Haifa, Israel, October 27th, 2016 – Cronus Cyber Technologies, a leading global provider of predictive Attack Path Scenarios (APS) solutions, recently announced an addition to the CyBot Software Suite: CyBot MSSP.


The CyBot MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) improves the work of complex systems by complementing existing CyBot Pro and Enterprise machines. The CyBot MSSP collects crucial information from existing systems and provides the user with a clear and concise risk map. The information includes critical asset vulnerabilities and triage options across all the networks, allowing the user to dedicate resources and budget to specific areas with maximal efficiency.

“The addition of CyBot MSSP is a breakthrough for security providers as it allows them to organize all their managed clients’ cyber-security alerts and data in one place and continuously update it,” says Dr. Guy Drori, VP Product and Marketing of Cronus Cyber Technologies. “Our solution is unique and market-disruptive, as we go a few more steps forward in analyzing organizations’ network. This is the first cyber-security system to manage multiple clients’ networks in one solution without the need to purchase additional 3rd party software.”


Of all known financial targets, the “crown jewels” of hackers are SWIFT and ATM systems. Those systems are considered highly vulnerable due to the fact that they are installed on outdated operating systems (such AS/400) and their interfaces with multiple and complex monetary systems.  Despite all efforts to protect them, they are still accessible to professional hackers. In the last couple of months, both ATM and SWIFT systems were breached due to vulnerabilities in the interfacing systems, causing damages .